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Puri 11 was formed in 2013 with a total land area of 33 hectares, Puri 11 is an independent city development that brings a lifetime of adventure. Soothed by the tranquil surroundings while enlivened by the infinite urban lifestyle. A vision becomes reality, proudly brought to you by the Goldland Group.

Work With Style

A fun, vibrant and dynamic workplace, PURI 11 is a cosmopolitan hub for classy professional living. Located right in the thriving West Jakarta CBD, it exudes the never-ending energy of the people and buiness activities that make it so alive. A great place to strive, excel and achieve a work-life balance.

Live In Harmony

The hustle and bustle of a modern city blends smoothly with the tranquility of nature at PURI 11. Live life to the fullest, embrance the lush tropical greenery and warm resort-style ambience in this meticulously design residence, where every day is a holiday. And every journey is a discovery.

Play With Joy

Spend quality time in a intime setting with your loved ones. Go for a leisure activity that'll make for a rewarding experince. Enjoy the pleasure of simple things in life. A delightful and memorable sojourn in a sublime and captivating atmosphere is what truly makes PURI 11 a home sweet home.

11 Prominent Values


What You Will Get

Spectacular Location Stategically located in heart of west Jakarta CBD-the-so-called "Golden Zone"-it is a new landmark in the making, adorned with gleaming row of futuristic towers that beckon you into the convenience and sophistication of cosmopolitan living, where endless opportunities await. Unrivaled Lifestyle Indulge yourself in the intimate surroundings, which blend seamslessly with an amazing range of modern amenities to create a perfect lifestyle that will keep you mesmerized day and night. Find everything your heart desire, here at PURI 11. An Exceptional Environment The main gate with an artistic minimalist style is ready to welcome residents and guests into a green, beautiful and neat area. Lush trees, beautiful landscape counturs and natural elements that characterize it never tire of spoiling the eyes. Experience The Best Lifestyle Beautiful and beautiful scenery in every corner combines in a harmonious regional layout, decorated with rows of artwork along the road as if it were an art gallery in an open space, perfectly blended in the Thematic Garden concept, plus comfortable pedestrian and jogging track facilities. Embrace True Luxe Living Carrying a simple and elegant tropical modern theme, the Club House is designed as a prestigious meeting point. Created by renowned architects, landscape designers and sculpture artists, the center of this activitiy is the lifeblood of making this area more dynamic.


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At it's core, we are company built on dreams. Dreams which inspire us to constantly create new and innovative products to enhance the quality of life and benefit the society as a whole. We uphold the philosophy "Realization of Dream through The Power of Faith" as the ultimate way of thinking which keeps drive us forward and helps steer us towards our vision.

We draw strength from this philosophy, based on the visionary principles of our founder Budiono Widjaja. His message "Together We Can" always resonates with the minds and hearts of everyone at Goldland Group.

At Goldland Group, we constantly seek and capture new opportunities to maintain our leading edge and stay at the forefront of product and business innovation. Our success comes from our continued investment in Indonesias future.

We are deeply grateful to all our loyal customers for the support and trust they have given us so far and we look forward to challenging ourselves to keep creating new products and services that add value to our customers' life and the society in many years to come.


Clubhouse Puri 11
Jl. Boulevard Residential
Karang Tengah, Tangerang


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